Flights to 1-800-241-6522

Interisland Flights: This major carrier for the Hawaiian islands offer flights but at a slightly higher price than what Hawaii Nei offers. Prices range from $80 to $100+ for interisland hops. From the U.S. Mainland or Canada call 1-800-367-5320. From the islands call 1-800-882-8811.

Rental Cars:
When looking for a rental car these day you are presented with so many choices. Luckily for you, the customer, most companies offer similar models and it’s just a matter of finding the right price. Take your time and shop around, what may take you only 15 minutes can save you lots of $$$$$, especially on a week long rental. Make sure to check for web specials and don’t be afraid to surf for deals on web sites like expedia or travelocity. 1-800-230-4898 1-800-800-3665 1-800-527-0700

On-line shopping for Flights & Rental Cars: