Getting to our Luxury Maui Condo is easy once you arrive in Maui:

Travel Arrangements

Direct flights are available from United, American Trans Air (ATA), Hawaiian Air, Northwest, Delta, Continental, Japan Air, Jalways, All Nippon Airways and many more. If you are coming to our condo from another Hawaiian island there are many inner-island flight options available from Aloha Air, Island Air, Mahalo Air, and Paragon Air. If you need help in finding/booking flights or getting a rental car, please use our resource page for web site links and other important phone numbers.

Flight Times:



From Flight Time
San Francisco 5 hr, 20 min.
Los Angeles 5 hr, 40 min.
Dallas 10 hr, 20 min.
Vancouver, BC 10 hr
New York 12 hr, 30 min.
Fukuoka, Japan 15 hr

Our Maui Condo:
Our Maui Condo is located only 15 miles from the Kahului Airport and just minutes south of Kihei. Our location provided easy access to the famous white sand beaches of Kamaole’s Beaches as well as many other scenic spots on Maui.

Travel Documents:
International travelers please be prepared to produce a passport and any necessary VISA information upon entering United States.

U.S. citizens are not required to bring a passport or VISA for entry to Hawaii. However, a valid picture identification (driver license, official I.D., passport, etc.) is necessary at the airport for verifying your identification with the name indicated on your airline tickets.

Time Zone:
The Hawaiian Islands have their own time zone known as HST or Hawaiian Standard Time. HST also does not adjust for day light savings so it’s that same time year round.