How To Do a Wheelie

“Typically talking, this is one of the most lengthy and challenging vacate there,” claims Hans. “Some people, also worldwide Mug race, can not ride a great wheelie. But you’ll see kids riding them because they place the moment into it.”


  1. Adjust your seat to a low position. You’ll ride the wheelie taking a seat, as well as seat placement will aid keep your center of mass as well as equilibrium.
  2. Put the bike right into a medium or low gear and begin at rolling rate.
  3. Bend your upper body so your weight mores than the handlebars.
  4. Turn the cranks to the 11:00 setting.
  5. Pedal down as well as pull up on the handlebars at the same time.
  6. Instantly lean back– as if you remained in a rocking chair– as well as proceed pedaling. You need to trust your rear brake, or else you’ll turn over backwards.
  7. Outstretch your arms and also sit on the idea of the seat.
  8. Keep one finger on the rear brake while the others strongly hold the grip.
  9. Feather the brake continually– this helps to manage rate and also can prevent you from dropping on your butt.
  10. Unwind. The front tire ought to be pretty high airborne.
  11. Start regulating the two balances: upright as well as laterally.
  12. Adjust the upright equilibrium with the back brake (if leaning as well much back) or by pedaling (if your front wheel begins to drop).
  13. Deal with the sideways balance early; it’s impossible to recoup if you wait as well long.
  14. Control the sideways balance by sticking out a knee or foot, or by transforming the handlebars in the contrary instructions. (Just ensure the handlebars are straight before you come down.).
  15. Allow the front wheel drop ahead out of the relocation.


All these elaborate and slight activities take place at once, which is why this is a tough trick.

” I hate riding wheelies clipped into the pedals,” keeps in mind Hans. Ride it flat.

For newbies, try riding slightly uphill. Additionally, technique hopping off the back for technique– so you’ll have the ability to in a pinch.

There’s no such thing as best equilibrium– you will certainly constantly be plus or minus your balance point. It will gradually become less complicated to correct.


Do not maintain your weight over the handlebars once the front tire impends.

Don’t attempt to pedal too fast or your rate will end up being irrepressible.